01. tears necklace - 49 days ost
02. dust to dust - ffxiii ost
03. belle's story - once upon a time ost

game of thrones:  b r e a k e r   o f   c h a i n s  (4x03)

Catching Fire Meme - [2/5] characters » Katniss Everdeen

I just wanted to say that I didn’t know Thresh, I only spoke to him once. He could have killed me, but instead he showed me mercy. That’s a debt I’ll never be able to repay. I did know Rue. She wasn’t just my ally, she was my friend. I see her in the flowers that grow in the meadow by my house. I hear her in the Mockingjay song. I see her in my sister Prim. She was too young, too gentle and I couldn’t save her. I’m sorry.


Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass FanArt: Disney Princess Collection

Artist: Nicole Graham (jostnic)

Check out her other stuff on DeviantArt. (And maybe buy some prints if you really like them. :3)

Goddess Madoka and Demon Homura


Get To Know Me [6/10 Favorite Shows]  ★ Teen Wolf

"Dude, it’s Beacon Hills."


Original vs Not!

scott as the nogitsune [x]

you really have to learn not to trust a fox

scott as the nogitsune [x]

you really have to learn not to trust a fox


Get To Know Me [3/5 Favorite Relationships] ★ Guinevere and Arthur (Merlin)

"With all my heart."

Even if you go beyond memory and leave everything behind, I will love you forever, so I won't forget you. Right now is just a goodbye.

Original edit here (aka this is not a real scene from the manga, just like the last edit i made)